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CV cover letter rewriting services

Get your Documentation rewritten by a real professional from your own sector and give recruiters the best first impression

Our Mission connects real-world candidates like you with real-world professionals from your own sector

Our CvKnights will perform a full review of your Documentation and rewrite it tailored to your own job sector and dream job has developed exclusive in-house checklist forms that will address all the relevant aspects of your career history to boost your CV

We will use that feedback to rewrite your Documentation and get the best out of it

And remember, we focus on the technical relevancy of your Documentation because that’s what companies are looking for


Give the best first impression!

Get your CV tailored to the companies you love

Trust the CvKnights

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A fast and Simple process

We have a broad range of professionals from different sectors and locations across the world among our CvKnights to suit your needs 

Once you have completed your Request order using our Services Configurator will send your Documentation anonymously to the best CvKnight and we’ll take care of the whole process for you

For our CV and Cover Letter Rewriting services you can also choose how fast you want us to return your reviewed documents

Our turnaround times are one of the best in the market, starting at only 3 business days if you choose our Epic Turnaround


Get the best advice
from real profesionals

Choose the right CvKnight for you

Silver Knights are great professionals with experiences ranging from 2 to 5 years. Bright and talented individuals already working at some of the most respectable and well-known companies that you can imagine. An excellent choice if you are planning to apply for any entry positions in any industry.

Golden Knights are more senior individuals with experiences ranging from 5 to 10 years. They possess the skills to lead teams and to deliver for top clients across the world and will consistently help you to achieve your goals if you are planning to apply to mid to senior positions.

Platinum Knights are the most proficient professionals from each industry, that all companies would love to have in their ranks. Platinum Knights usually have more than 10 years of professional experience, but we’ve got some with even more than 20 years! Guaranteed success for you for all positions, and all industries.


Get a Template that works for you has developed exclusive verified templates that will address all the relevant aspects of your career history

Professional summary, work experience, education, languages, other skills and much more. You will get feedback from real experts on all of them when you request our CV and Cover Letter Rewriting Services, but you will also get your Documents rewritten and tailored to your dream job

Our Cover Letter and CV templates have been verified by professionals from all job sectors and have been used by candidates from all levels and experiences

How can we help you?

Meet some of our real CvKnights

We have more than 350 professionals in our ranks ready to help you

"I am an experienced events and marketing professional with over 18 years of experience in corporate, government and not-for-profit settings. I am degree educated with a BA(Hons) in International Relations and Languages. Having worked for clients both in the UK and across the world has widened my knowledge within my own sector. As a CvKnight, I love helping candidates fulfil their full potential and achieve their professional goals."
"I am a Project Manager with extensive experience within the Rail Industry working on projects all over the United Kingdom.
Chartered Engineer (CEng MICE) with the Institution of Civil Engineers in the United Kingdom (ICE).
I am also part of the ICE Reviewer Group who conduct professional reviews for engineers applying for chartered status.
At I can share the know-how from my industry with others"
"I am an engineering consultant with 20 years of experience in the rail industry in construction and project management. Qualified Project Manager (PMP) and chartered in the UK. I have international experience having worked in large infrastructure projects in the UK, Europe, North and South America and the Middle East. It is a rewarding experience to share my knowledge and positively impact other people at"
"I am a young entrepreneur with experience in financial analysis, controlling and modelling.
I have extensive experience as a developer in Excel/VBA, data modelling, task automation and improvement. Expert in end-to-end business cases with a vast knowledge of the use of power platform and app script for specific objectives. enables me to assist people from all over the world who share my passions."

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