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Why is this important?

Many e-mail and internet service providers have put in aggressive programs and filtering system to block unwanted e-mails (also known as spam). applauds their intention to protect all of us from spam, but everyone agrees that the current system is far from perfect.

Often these programs block e-mails that you actually want to get. Here’s how you can help the system prevent “false positives” and join the fight against spam.

Solution: Allow-list Emails from

An allow-list is a list of email addresses of people from who you want to receive emails (and the system will never block those).

It’s a way for you to tell your email provider that is my friend, and I actually want to read their emails straight away.

When you do this, email providers actually use your list to make adjustments to their overall filtering system which in turn helps the entire world!

How to allow-list WPForm emails before your delivery is interrupted

Of course, every e-mail system is different. Below are instructions for some of the more popular ones. If yours isn’t here, please contact your ISP’s customer service folks for their instructions.

Also if you forward us their answer, then we will add it on this page for others.


Move an Email automatically to a specific tab

  1. In your Promotions inbox, find an email from (for example, your welcome email).
  2. Drag this email and drop it on the “Primary” tab of your inbox. Alternatively, you can simply right-click on it and select “Move to Tab > Primary”.
  3. This should ensure that all your future emails go to your Primary Inbox, but the world is so perfect so, just in case, read the next tip.

Move future messages automatically to a specific tab

If you want messages to go into your Primary tab based on specific criteria, e.g. email address, name (if they have multiple email addresses), subject line, etc., you’ll need to create a filter.

1. Go to Settings > See All Settings > Filters and Blocked Addresses.

gmail quick settings

2. Click Create a New Filter.

gmail new filter

3. Fill in the criteria for moving items to your Primary. The best way to do this is by adding “cvknights” to the includes the words field.

gmail create filter

4. Click create a filter

5. Check the boxes of the following items:

  • Categorize As” box and select Primary from the dropdown box beside it.
  • “Never send it to Spam”
  • If you want all messages you’ve received that currently meet these criteria to be moved to your Primary tab now, check the box for “Also Apply Filter to [x] Matching Messages
gmail filter details

6. Click create filter

gmail check new filter

7. Voila! From now on, all our messages will be delivered to your Primary Inbox tab instead of Promotions.


1. Click “Settings” in the upper right-hand corner and then click on “View all Outlook Settings” at the bottom of the Settings options.

hotmail settings

2. Go to Email > Junk email and you’ll be able to see your “Safe senders and Domains”

hotmail junk mail
hotmail safe senders

3. Click + Add to add our domain.

4. Then type and hit enter.

5. You’re good to go!

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