Subscription Plans for CvKnights Plans

Becoming a CvKnight it’s FREE and we will always keep it that way, but if you fancy bigger earnings and other benefits you can subscribe to one of our Plans

Join us! It's FREE No Contracts

When you are approved as a CvKnight you can make money with every job you successfully deliver to us without having to sign any contracts

You can stay with us for as long as you want for FREE, simple as that!

The amount you can make with every service will vary based on the fee that our Customers paid for the service, but it will also vary depending on your Knight Category

We call the Shared Fee the amount paid by the Customer (deducting any admin charges) that will be shared between us and the CvKnight

We also call the Margin of the CvKnight to the percentage paid to the CvKnight after every successful job. These are the margins that we pay our CvKnights in a FREE plan

  • Silver Knights – 65% of the Shared Fee
  • Golden Knights – 67% of the Shared Fee
  • Platinum Knights – 70% of the Shared Fee

Remember that you first have to apply to become a CvKnight and be approved before being able to be subscribed to our Plans, but the good news is that our CvKnights can earn much more than in a FREE Plan and enjoy further benefits!


No Contracts!

Increase your Earnings with our
Subscription Plans for CvKnights

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Free Plan
Your Margin while you stay at

Silver Knights - 65%
Golden Knights - 67%
Platinum Knights - 70%
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Hero Plan
Increase your Margin for 3 Months

Silver Knights - 70%
Golden Knights - 72%
Platinum Knights - 75%
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Paladin Plan
Increase your Margin even more!
for 6 Months

Silver Knights - 75%
Golden Knights - 77%
Platinum Knights - 80%
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Check out our Plans

You’ve seen how much you could make with our Free Plan, but wouldn’t it be nicer to make even more?

As a CvKnight, you can boost your earnings when you are subscribed to one of our Plans. The following plans are available for CvKnights:

  • Free Plan – By default when you join
  • Hero Plan – To increase your margin for 3 months
  • Paladin Plan – To increase even more your margin for 6 months
  • Legend Plan – To get the highest possible margin for 12 months


Enjoy more Benefits

Increasing your earnings with our Subscription Plans for CvKnights is great, but that’s not all you’ll get when you are subscribed

Other Benefits included as part of your Subscription are

  • Priority Access to Job Assignments and
  • Priority Access to Technical Support
  • And you can cancel your Plan any time if you are not satisfied!
Let’s look at an example to understand what Priority Access means

Assignment Example

When receives a request from a Customer we start the process of finding the right CvKnight to perform the job

Sometimes we will only have one suitable CvKnight ready to help, but for more general requests we might have a few CvKnights that match our Customer’s request. But remember, we will always assign priority access to CvKnights subscribed to one of our Plans

The job will be assigned following this order of Priority

Legend Plans > Paladin Plans > Hero Plans > Free Plans


Subscriptions will boost your Earnings

Plans Pricing

Our Subscription Plans for CvKnights have been designed to meet the needs of every professional because not all CvKnights have the same margins

Here’s a list with the Pricing for each CvKnight Category

  • Silver Knights – only £2.99 pm*
  • Golden Knights – only £3.99 pm*
  • Platinum Knights – only £5.99 pm*

* plus upfront payment varying per Plan type

Earnings Example

Let’s look at an example to understand the differences between plans. Suppose you are a Platinum CvKnight performing an Epic Service for a Cover Letter + 2-page CV Rewriting worth £163.95 (assuming no admin charges)

  • Your margin under a Free Plan is 70%, so your earnings would be £114.77
  • You can increase your margin up to 90% by subscribing to a Legend Plan and your earings would increase to £147.56. That’s another extra £32.79 for the same job!

How to Apply to become a CvKnight?

Becoming a CvKnight is super simple

We will check your career profile to certify you are a competent professional capable of ensuring the quality of the service within your own area of expertise

If you are found successful you will be contacted by our team. You will be given a Knight category, a Knight Ref Number and a Subscription to a Free Plan that you can upgrade any time to increase your earnings

And that’s all! Your name and contact details will be added to our database of CvKnights and you will start receiving job requests as soon as we receive requests that match your profile

Thinking of joining us?

Apply now to become a CvKnight, We are recruiting!

Filling out our application can take up to 10 minutes

You will be redirected to our application form and will be asked to provide details about your career profile. Remember that the more details you provide in your application the more chances of being accepted you will have

You will also be asked to provide a link to your LinkedIn profile

Having an excellent and up-to-date LinkedIn profile is an essential requirement to join us

Contact us to learn more

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