Delivering Services Delivering

Offering a great Service needs great Planning has streamlined the process for our Customers and our CvKnights so that they only worry about the results

Delivering services and earn money as a CvKnight couldn’t be simpler and safer

The 6 Simple steps

Step 1 - Service Selection by Customer

It all begins when the Customer sends us a request through our website

Our basic services include Cover Letter and CV Review or rewriting, but you can also combine both services together to get incredible discounts!

Check out our online store and play around with our Services Configurator to get the right product that suits all your needs

It’s super easy to use!

But that’s not all we’ve got to offer

If you are looking for anything else other than our basic services, Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

For more complex or customised services you can Request a Quote for FREE and we’ll get back to you in less than 24h with a Job Category that you can use to buy our services


Delivering Services

  • Step 1

    Service selection by Customer

  • Step 2

    Application Review by our Team

  • Step 3

    Job Assignment to CvKnight by our Team

  • Step 4

    Documentation Review by the CvKnight

  • Step 5

    Quality Review & Payment to CvKnight

  • Step 6

    Response to Customer by our Team

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Step 2 - Application Review by our Team

In step two the job request will be processed by our team

We can start this step immediately after you submit your documents to us and the payment has been made

CvKnights will perform some simple checks just to confirm that everything in your application is correct and your payment matches the type and length of your submitted documents

If everything is right we will let you know, and from now on our Customers don’t have to do anything else

We will take care of the rest of the process for you!


Step 3 - Job Assignment to CvKnight by our Team

In step three our Team will find the most suitable CvKnight for our Customer in accordance with the job request within the next 24h after Step 2 is completed

Because we have such a broad range of professionals in our ranks from so many job sectors and with all experience levels, this process will not take too long

In this step, our team will also make all your documents anonymous before we share them with the chosen CvKnight so your personal details remain unknown to them

Making your documentation anonymous will improve the quality of the service and will ensure there is no conflict of interest for our CvKnights

We welcome new applications from professionals who wish to become CvKnights, so why not give it a try now?

#NoMatterYourBackground Delivering Delivering

Step 4 - Documentation Review by CvKnight

In step 4 the assigned CvKnight will perform the service as requested by the Customer

The amount of time needed for this step will vary based on the nature of the request, but remember that, in order to speed up the process, you can always choose an Epic Turnaround

Our turnaround times are one of the best in the market:

  •  Starting at only 2 business days for CV and Cover Letter Review and
  •  Starting at only 3 business days for CV and Cover Letter Rewriting


Step 5 - Quality Review and Payment to CvKnight by our Team

In step five the reviewed or professionally rewritten documentation will be returned to our Team by the CvKnight

We will then perform a final Quality Review just to ensure that everything has gone smoothly and the documentation meets our quality standards

The Quality Review step can take up to 24h and even 48h in some cases for more complex documentation, but it will always occur before the deadline we agreed with our Customer

Once the Documentation is approved and ready to be returned to the Customer, we will let the CvKnight know by email and proceed to transfer the payment via PayPal in less than 24h

Simple as that!

And remember that as a CvKnight you can increase your earnings when you are subscribed to one of our Plans

#BoostYourEarnings Delivering Delivering

Step 6 - Response to Customer by our Team

Step six is the last step of the process in which we return the documentation to the Customer 

As an optional Free service, some of our CvKnights might decide to include their contact details in the returned documentation

This is just in case the Customer would like to further discuss any aspects of the review with the CvKnight

And that would be all of it! 

As you have just seen, a Simple and Secure process to ensure a top-quality Service!


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