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Do you share our Mission ? Ltd is a platform created in 2020 to assist job seekers in securing a successful application to a job interview at one of their dream workplaces. 

To help candidates, holds a broad database of experienced external collaborators known as CvKnights who share our company goals and will act as career advisers. offers our customers the opportunity to have any documentation relevant to their applications reviewed or professionally rewritten by a real professional in exchange for a fee.


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Who are we looking for?

We are looking for experienced professionals willing to become CvKnights and join our platform to assist our customers. We are looking for individuals from any of the following job sectors:

Accountancy, Banking and Finance, Business, Consulting and Management, Charity and Voluntary work, Creative Arts and Design, Education, Energy and utilities, Engineering and Architecture, Environment, Healthcare, Hospitality and Events Management, Information Technology, Law, Leisure, Sport and Tourism, Marketing, Advertising and PR, Media and Internet, Property and Construction, Public Services and Administration, Retail, Sales, Science and Pharmaceuticals, Social Care, Transport and Logistics


Your Role as a CvKnight

As a CvKnight, you will be a responsible and supportive professional committed to our goals and open to collaborate and help others

You will be responsible to carry out the services requested by our customers in your own time as a freelancer and you will be accountable to meet the deadlines of each service to achieve the turnaround times requested by our customers

CvKnights must have a sharp eye and be able to detect the candidate’s strongest points and advise on how to get the most out of them because they have worked in the same industry for years

As our collaborator, you will have strong knowledge in any particular field and have evidence to prove it (Master’s degree, PhD, courses, etc.) and you will be currently working in a reputable company in a senior position

And we only work in English. You will possess excellent written and communication skills in English and ideally proven experience as a CV reviewer or interviewer within your own sector


Check out the benefits of being a CvKnight

What we offer to CvKnights

Freedom to work in your own time, remotely and anonymously from our customers because will be the only point of contact between you and them. We understand that you are a busy professional, so you will always be free to choose the services you want to carry out and those you don’t want to

You will be given the necessary tools and have access to numerous resources to perform your work and save you time. will provide you with technical and specific documentation, instructions and checklist forms so that you simply have to fill out the responses required to complete your work

You will be assigned a category (Silver, Golden or Platinum) based on your experience which will determine the cost of the service and your margin per service

The good news is that you can increase your earnings by subscribing to one of our Plans (Hero, Paladin or Legend Plan) Our plans will soar your margins and boost your rates!!!

The combination of your assigned category and your subscription plan will determine the rate of your work which can be up to 90% of the fee we charge our customers

You will be paid after every successful job you perform with us in less than 24 hours. We will only use PayPal to transfer your earnings to you 

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How to Apply to become a CvKnight?

Becoming a CvKnight is super simple

We will check your career profile to certify you are a competent professional capable of ensuring the quality of the service within your own area of expertise

If you are found successful you will be contacted by our team. You will be given a Knight category, a Knight Ref Number and a Subscription to a Free Plan that you can upgrade any time to increase your earnings

And that’s all! Your name and contact details will be added to our database of CvKnights and you will start receiving job requests as soon as we receive requests that match your profile

Thinking of joining us?

Apply now to become a CvKnight, We are recruiting!

Filling out our application can take up to 10 minutes

You will be redirected to our application form and will be asked to provide details about your career profile. Remember that the more details you provide in your application the more chances of being accepted you will have

You will also be asked to provide a link to your LinkedIn profile

Having an excellent and up-to-date LinkedIn profile is an essential requirement to join us

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