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CvKnights.com wants to help candidates succeed professionally by connecting them with real-world professionals willing to share their expert knowledge to boost their applications

And we aim to make this process Simple and Affordable!

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Our Inception

It all began during the summer of 2020 while the world was submerged in the Covid-19 pandemic

The idea of starting up CvKnights.com came up during a conversation between old-time friends Alejandro and Jorge also know in the business jargon as the co-founders. Later the last co-founder, Alex, joined the team

The three of them quickly realised the potential market opportunities for the professional CV review business approached as in other models of the gig economy

So, the question was, why not giving it a go and move it to a bigger scale?

And that’s how we created our LinkedIn Company page to understand the needs of future candidates and CvKnights

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CvKnights.com Inception

The CvKnight concept

We needed a concept that would immediately convey the idea of professionals willing to help other professionals

The team had several alternatives to name the site, but what could possibly be better than a Knight to express this idea!?

We loved the thought that our collaborators were seen as people who have all the excellent attributes of a Knight and that being recognised as a Knight meant something important for them

Besides, Knights can become Knights regardless of their sector as in real life that’s what we wanted for our CvKnights


What makes us Different?

CvKnights.com has managed to find a niche in the career services market where traditional companies do not seem to operate and we want to develop a strong position on it

We think the future is for the gig economy!

By extending the profits to our CvKnights we aim to make this project bigger and bigger to reach more professionals, more markets and more services

CvKnights.com wants to offer top quality career advice at affordable prices to our customers and we believe that this can only be done with the assistance of actual experts in each field

After all, wouldn’t you rather have your CV reviewed by an expert who might even be currently working in the company you love?

About us Different
About us grow

Our story so far

So far our message is shared with more than 350 real professionals that we feel honoured to have in our ranks and who are willing to help others

CvKnights.com keeps recruiting people week after week and we have reached now professionals from more than 30 different countries and more than 25 different job sectors

The numbers keep growing every month and this is something we feel very proud of!

If you think you have a CvKnight in you, give it a go and apply now to join us!

Dream Big

Achieving your professional goals is not an easy task, but there can be no progress in life without dreaming first

Sometimes this is the hardest part!

We dreamt big in 2020 when we created CvKnights.com and now we want you to dream big with us

Would you like to know more About us and Dream Big?

CvKnights.com Dream Big

Plans for the Future

CvKnights.com started humbly in 2020 with a few ideas and few services to offer, but, as we said, we can dream big and we have big plans for the near future

  • Reach more Customers from across the world
  • Attract more CvKnights from across the world
  • Implement more Job Sectors acknowledging the differences across the world
  • Offer more Services customised to every region across the world
  • Find more ways to Connect even more our CvKnights to our Customers
Nobody said it would be easy, but we…


We want to help you Succeed

But remember, whatever the future brings for us, our goals and our mottos will remain clear and simple

We want to help our CvKnights and Customers dream big and grow professionally whatever their skills and wherever they happen to be!





CvKnights.com Help

Meet some of our real CvKnights

We have more than 350 professionals in our ranks ready to help you

"I am a civil engineer (BSc Eng) with 12+ years' experience in bridge and structural engineering with projects accomplished across the world. Chartered civil engineer in the UK and member of the ICE (MICE). I also have a Degree in Economics (BSc Econ) with a specialisation in Macroeconomics. I have developed a passion to assist other engineers and CvKnights.com is my small contribution to the rest of the World."
"I am an experienced events and marketing professional with over 18 years of experience in corporate, government and not-for-profit settings. I am degree educated with a BA(Hons) in International Relations and Languages. Having worked for clients both in the UK and across the world has widened my knowledge within my own sector. As a CvKnight, I love helping candidates fulfil their full potential and achieve their professional goals."
"I am a secondary school teacher with more than 10 years’ experience in Education teaching across all adolescent groups with great empathy, emotional intelligence skills and a huge passion for helping teenagers fulfil their full potential. Engaging lessons, rigorous classroom management, and impressive results in different teaching methodologies. I love helping other professionals collaborating at CvKnights.com."
"I am a Project Manager with extensive experience within the Rail Industry working on projects all over the United Kingdom.
Chartered Engineer (CEng MICE) with the Institution of Civil Engineers in the United Kingdom (ICE).
I am also part of the ICE Reviewer Group who conduct professional reviews for engineers applying for chartered status.
At CvKnights.com I can share the know-how from my industry with others"
"I have over 20 years’ experience as an Executive Coach and Educational Leadership in the UK and internationally.
I am a passionate leader of people, a big-hearted enthusiast and an unrelenting powerhouse for initiating transformation in the face of adversity. Currently, I work with education leaders to make a difference where it matters the most, and I can enjoy my job just as well as a CvKnight."
"I am an engineering consultant with 20 years of experience in the rail industry in construction and project management. Qualified Project Manager (PMP) and chartered in the UK. I have international experience having worked in large infrastructure projects in the UK, Europe, North and South America and the Middle East. It is a rewarding experience to share my knowledge and positively impact other people at CvKnights.com."
"I have worked in the Aviation sector for more than 10 years. I started my career as Cabin Crew in 2010 and joined easyJet's recruitment team. In 2013 I attained my Private Pilots Licence in Florida, USA. In 2016 I was then lucky to be selected by easyJet to train with CTC Aviation to obtain an A320 Multi-Crew Pilot Licence to work as a First Officer. From CvKnights.com I can help people to progress in the aviation industry."
"I am a young entrepreneur with experience in financial analysis, controlling and modelling.
I have extensive experience as a developer in Excel/VBA, data modelling, task automation and improvement. Expert in end-to-end business cases with a vast knowledge of the use of power platform and app script for specific objectives.
CvKnights.com enables me to assist people from all over the world who share my passions."

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