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(Feedback Survey)

"I had been looking for a job for 3 months"

2021 was being a difficult year for me. Fortunately, I found CvKnights services on Google and decided to take the step to improve my CV and cover letters. Soon companies and recruiters started contacting me for positions I was being rejected before. Thanks, CvKnights!


(Feedback Survey)

"CV and Cover Letter spot on!"

I had a very specific target job in the engineering industry, and they managed to find the perfect CvKnight to review and rewrite my Documentation. I have to admit that a Platinum CvKnight is worth its value. Highly recommended service!


(Feedback Survey)

Incredible service and surprising result!

A friend of mine recommended me CvKnights because of the affordable and valuable services they offer. At first, I wasn't sure they could help me, but when I receive my brand new CV and the excellent feedback checklist, I changed my mind. The feedback by the CvKnight was priceless.


(Google Reviews and Feedback)

"Good service, excellent timing and fast response!"

I needed a thorough review of my CV to apply for a better position in the civil engineering sector. I decided to try the services at to improve the visibility of my CV. It turned out to be a great career decision as I ended up changing jobs.

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